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  • flippo

    hello i have pictures of today 11u45 in Belgium Zwevezele
    3 pictures

  • marker

    i have a video on my face book home page ive shares i found some other user had posted it u shud have a look at this its extremly strange but very clear footage add me mark bury on face book

  • Per René Andersen
  • Mrbubs

    Hi i just wanted to post one of my clips as i have a few on my youtube channel

    something i found going over some of my old footage. I’m not real good at editing but if someone wants to go over my original clips i have, your more than welcome…….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bubrqwN1T9Y

  • Mark Jocumsen

    Third Phase of Moon, Could you please check out my YouTube Video that outlines a compelling case supporting the UFO theory for the disappearance of Flight 370. I would love you to post or share it on your channel. Very happy to be interviewed if you wish.


  • Jay

    Can anyone help. I have what I believe to be an implant in my hand. It appeared out of nowhere 20 years ago with no obvious signs of an entrance wound.
    It has shown up on X-ray as an unknown metallic object. It is pyramid in shape. Just under the skin. I have no feeling of pain associated with it. Is there anyone in Australia near Sydney I can go to have it checked and or removed to see exactly what it is??

  • Jose Manuel

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3voCi9OH9_Q in this video at 1:45 aprox. you can see on the top something moving , I dont know what it is.

  • AD Photos

    I took this photo a couple of years ago. Attempting to capture lightening. At the time i was living in east Pembroke Pines, FL. The camera was pointing directly east, looking towards the Atlantic Ocean. As there was a slight west wind blowing. Now there are numerous airports in the area, but this looks nothing like any aircraft I have ever seen. Having 10 years in the aircraft industry, 8 years, active duty U.S.A.F.
    I do have much larger photographs of the same object, but they are larger than the allowable upload limit. With various exposures to highlight whatever this is. Also, but not shown, in the larger versions is a small redish triangle, not far from whatever this is. I don’t think it was pixel burn from the lightening, because the remaining photographic attempts at capturing weather at higher and lower ISO’s didn’t show pixel burns..

    Please tell me what you think.

    Thank You,
    Albert David

  • Mike Hanna
  • Phorcyte X

    I’m Phorcyte X and I caught This Orb Under the sun… I would like to know if it’s a camera malfunction or something more transcendental?

  • Tim

    Garbage!! You mean to tell me you can’t zoom in? and that the trees in the background are blurred out? Horrible Hoax Oh look the Alien is doing Yoga?

  • CollectiveConsciousness

    OK ‘Third Phase Of Moon’, can we compare note regarding a number of issues… starting with this paramount issues that would blow the lid of this UFO thing for good if we manage to get the facts out there to the general population.



  • Andy J


    Here are all the UFO video we recorded on 26th / 27th midnight. Duck Keys. Florida

    .Please help me with this sighting. :)

    The whole video is out of this world, Check out real close min 2:40 to 2:52.

    Please help me debunk my data.
    The video has been upload with two different vision (i.e. MS Medea & MAC Quick Time.

  • Jack

    No video or photo proof: ive seen a large man like ‘creature’body covered in black fur and large black wings.in michigan a few years ago..anybody seen something similar? Keep your b.s. comments if u dnt believe me .

  • Jackie

    Out of 3 this one had a shape with it .. Pretty cool I guess they aren’t to fond bout them chemtrails ! Katy tx **

  • Jackie

    Here’s the pic

  • Michael Z

    Why won’t you guys contact me!? I’ve been trying for months! Your “make contact” option does not work! I’ve emailed, I’ve tried Facebook and I’ve tried YouTube, still nothing. I’ve got a lot to talk about, a lot of legitimate things and pictures that can’t be explained! You won’t regret contacting me! My email is ” wytewolffst05@yahoo.com.


  • Ciera Foster

    i have ufo videos and pictures who can i get in touch with to analyize them/?
    here is one video i have http://youtu.be/Xg0musDDcMw


    WOW : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgT9zyfILjQ

  • UFO


  • neil

    How do I send a video in??

  • Stephen Einspahr

    Hey! I think you guys called my name as the contact winner last night. You guys rock!!!! I am home and waiting to hear from you. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • Leon

    I keep seeing these orange lights on my way home from work at around 10:15pm, so I decided to take some pics and blow them up. My phone is old so the quality is not too great sorry. The light is usual stationaly growing in brightness and size, then fades out or starts to drift.
    Trowbridge, UK.

  • Leon

    Another shot of it, this one taken just before the other. Shows it as an orb, before transforming. (I did not notice and shape difference until I zoomed in on the photos as it was quite some distance away)

  • justntime

    i took a snip of this photo off the iss live stream for the lognest time i thought of these objects to be fake and made up by people wanting attention. oh how i was wrong. take a look above the orangish space station panels just right of the center of the screen

  • justntime


  • Gary Ballesteros

    ! found a gray in my photo from 1996 in the pitcher is my X wife and Me i have never seen another photo like this one if you can look at pic and let me know if it is a gray. Thank you. u can contact me at garyballesteros@hotmail.com

  • Christina
  • Vijuel

    What if cow mutilation had something to do with the greenhouse gas issues? poke around that theory

  • Jared

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=854f5TVaxQo Here is one from my dad on Aug 2nd in Apopka, FL – share it if you want.

  • Leon

    WOW! amazing footage

  • Leon

    Great shot :) hope you get more

  • Leon

    I did the other day and got a vid also, have yet to insert my SD card into my pc so check back in a day or so :)

  • billy martinez


  • billy martinez

    ET craft in daylight. Had no idea what if anything I was recording, it’s just a sense of interest cast upon me. So I start recording. Sure enough; there it is!

  • Eric

    4th of July, 2014 in Falls City Oregon. After the fireworks show, we witnessed an amber-glowing disk leave the area after the show…. as if they had been watching the fireworks show. It was reddish-orange, flat on the bottom and domed on top.

  • Connor
  • DEE

    Taken in Australia about 3 weeks ago, the 3 silver ball shapes and the black v shape, took this photo at lunch time looking out to SE Queensland, out at sea. What do you think? I believe we are being watched, the next day I discovered I have a lump on my back which is really sore and doctors have no clue what it is..

  • drenuf

    You guys have no idea of what is true or faultat

  • geff

    Jay…don’t let it get you down I had two of them in me for so many years then they disappeared just about a month ago you’ll be okand I will not remove them look on the internet and see what Whitley Strieber comments about his implants.if you ever want to chat about your abductions just send me an email

  • geff

    Blake I am trying to send you a photograph but cannot do so I don’t have Skype how can I do this , it is an et and is very clear.the first time I tried sending it it said that it wasjunk mail. I will try to put a copy here.

  • geff

    sure sounds like the Mothman to me. Did any tragedies happen involving a bunch of people shortly after your sighting

  • Guest

    We have a sighting of three objects in the Midlands UK in Newark Nottingham Sept 7 2014 around 7 pm it was taken with a smart camera you need to enlarge the phone but they were just hovering they got closer then gone, I said to my wife this is some weird stuff so I have circled the objects

  • revelationman

    this was back in September 7 2014 three objects it was very strange they were hovering over us, like they were observing , they bang they were gone

  • WarlockWeary
  • Mark Emilio Fleener

    I just wanted to report my sighting from last August, 2014. There don’t seem to be any recordings of it that I’ve seen, nor any reports to the local news station (Sarasota, FL), and traffic air control sent me to a dead line (not even here). Anyhow, there were between 20 and 30 amber colored orbs flying in lose triangular formation, slowly, and quietly, not too high, but not too low, maybe a few hundred feet up, Idk. Other people I spoke to that week had also seen them.

  • torsti ei oo
  • torsti ei oo
  • Christian Spook

    check this out… see top of the video..


  • Foop33

    I found this on google moon at the Hagecius crater – at ground or street view. Can’t be seen until you zoom all the way in. Best at ground view. The weird thing is it casts no shadow like the surrounding craters do. Check it out and let me know what you think. It is about 1.3 miles high and 4 miles long. There is another one at 83 degrees 46′ 50.31″ S 84 degrees 07′ 38.33″ W – Hard to see but go to ground view.

  • Foop33

    Check it out on google moon.

  • ICE

    Anyone seen the bogus Philippines footage these donkeys compiled and posted on YOUtube but it was actually in Hawaii?? Talk about BUSTED!! What a fukn joke! SHAAAAAAAAAAMEful!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dautrac Dau Trac

    ALIEN CHANNELING MYSTERY – if you frequent Youtube and are into this sort of stuff you already know that countless people receive messages from beings regarding the human evolution experience. But how many of us have noticed that if these beings are SOOOO concerned with a better human experience…why are they only essentially contacting Whites only? Shouldn’t they also contact people in prisons?, thugs in Urban streets?, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and so forth?; why is it only Whites? My point here is that people are quick to get excited and let their guards down too easily. I am Puerto Rican and an ex-channeler…the reason I quit was because of my pattern observations of the messages. Something is out there and it does not care about me as an individual…point blank.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dautrac Dau Trac

    2005 ORLANDO FL ORB – I believe it was during 2005 when central Florida had its hurricane issues. As it is said traditionally…things happen in the sky before a natural disaster hits a community. One day before the hurricane made land I’m waiting for the bus going home. I look in the sky and there was a sphere moving towards me. It was about 4 or 5 building stories high. As it moved straight towards my direction very slowly it actually turned left when it got a few feet from me. I knew then it was letting me know that it could see me. It was a craft that apparently had some sort of shield of heat around it taking on the personality of the sky around it. As it moved left into the sky I could easily see heat generating out of the craft. I could not see an actual craft…just the mirror-like shield around it. It kept going left and disappeared. Funny thing is that this craft moved in the same wobble motion as the Billy Meier crafts. UPDATE – I regularly am visited by ORBS in my bedroom. I believe they have the ability to connect with my crown chakra which helps produce images of beings faces. ORBS have multiple personalities and I believe the faces I see are each of them in the ORB as they are connected with me. Surprising to some the SUN functions in a similar way…but I won’t get that deep into the topic as many will not understand.

  • Michael Wagner

    took this a couple summers ago

  • Kenny Millot

    Hi, What is it ? Top left

  • Garry Hanson

    Photo of UFO over South Padre TX taken by cell phone.

  • Atlas•Rei

    What do you guys think of these pictures? First of all look at the size difference between the water droplets; I’ve ruled this out.

  • Tim Franklin

    This was on SOHO last night. Near the surface of the sun . its like a ship attached to the surface

  • DDAA

    http://ustre.am/_3XVQj:2wfG Taken 9 hours ago NASA ISS Live feed

  • ana


  • si

    where was the picture taken??????

  • peter

    This video is awesome. I wish i knew what they whee saying

  • Corey Mercer

    Just wondering?

  • Gerald

    I found these objects on Google earth/moon ,look’s like Cigar shaped object , i hope someone can take a look at these coordinates and post a better photo of the object.

  • Ricky

    I am not sure if i have ever been abducted but i have started noticing some strange things, like a strange woman taking a picture of me at my work where i work being a Till all day it was dark out side by this time pitch black and i notice a woman crouched behind a Utes rear tire taking a shot of me and as i noticed her she ran away and what caught my eye the most was it was no cheap camera looked like ones you always see in moves that investigators and such use real big long lens focus on it. And i sometimes see strange almost unmarked vans other then they will say something like “cleaning service” in bold letters on them no business name nothing. Then the others i would summarize to be, fatigue like i haven’t slept all night even thoe i slept for 9 – 10 hours, possible scars behind my ears (cant exactly see to check) that sometimes for no good reason get really sore, sudden fear of the dark like theirs something in it (always loved the dark till now treated it like a ally). And the most recent that happened last night right as i went to bed i hear loud distinct humming pulses shortly later 8 hrs had passed i had not woken for anything where i normally would have several times(like kids getting up, room mate getting ready ect.) and this unexplainable noise that seemed to be every where could not be heard even thoe the only difference in how the room was was there was 6 less people in it now.

    I have always had a love for looking into UFO’s on the net since i was little and have always been objective, never taking anything as absolute truth but never denying its possibility. But now im starting to wonder if i just going crazy or adding up coincidences to make a false relatiy i may be getting worked up over. Thats why ive come here i want to here your opinions and i have tried to keep this as easy to read as possible with all the info even thoe i probably have a little more.

  • george420b

    Jeez, can someone translate this? Incredible video.

  • Peter Reyland

    Has anyone heard of UFOs causing USNs or the Mystery Booms? See video and share. 3rdphase should address this new phenomenon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AucNknsauBE

  • Kloverwone Arias
  • DarkShark11

    Here’s a UFO over Long Beach, CA 4/20/2015.

  • enoch ofone

    April 16 2015 saww this start off as star and then turned into vertical elongated slit that looked as if sun or bright light was coming out, i also have video, Bakersfield Ca

  • Crystal Ann Blakley

    What is going on behind the clouds??

    I have videos.. Who knows how to upload them?

  • DarkShark11

    Congratulations. You figured it out too. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. I’d like to share something with you. Darkshark.x.1111@gmail.com

  • Jason

    I came across your YouTube channel while aggressively searching for a video my friend had come across featuring exactly what I, and multiple others, had seen in person. This occurred in Anchorage, AK when I was roughly 13-14 years old. I am currently 21 and the memory is still freshly ingrained in my mind. Occasionally my friends I and will engage in discussion about sightings we’ve encountered and my friend was baffled by one of the stories I had shared. So much so, he managed to find video online of exactly what I had seen with me, my brother, and three of our neighborhood friends. This is what happened:
    It was a typical summer day at the elementary school park and one of my primary locations to hang out with friends was at this park. Everything was going great as usual as it was a beautiful sunny, mildly cloudy day. Unbeknownst to me, there was something hovering above us, as best as I could describe, about 10-15ft above our heads. My brother noticed this and drew our attention towards this object, which to me, at first glance, looked like a kite. Yet this wasn’t a diamond shaped, floating sheet of plastic, struggling to stay up. This was a steady, red and black…creature. I honestly don’t know how else to describe it because it had no lights surrounding it. It was not metallic. It wasn’t even solid red and black. To me, it was as if this was a living form of energy that was blending the two colors VISIBLY. The shape of it still reminded me of a kite, but as I said, it wasn’t diamond shaped. It had a triangle form to it, but what was obvious about this was the tail of it. There was clearly the head of this thing, and there was a tail. The tail itself appeared to be moving in synchronicity with red and black.
    We weren’t even looking at this for more than 1min before it slowly, but gradually began to elevate. It did not move straight up, but diagonally. We did not want to lose sight of this thing, so we followed it as it progressed further and further up. We managed to follow it for about 10 blocks, running through neighborhoods before we finally stopped in the middle of a 4-way stop sign intersection in the midst of these neighborhoods. We stopped because while we could still see it, it was too far away to proceed. We stood there for another 10min looking at this thing as a black dot in the sky. It was as if it stopped moving because the dot didn’t disappear. We were so focused on this, people were drawn from their homes to see what we were seeing. We explained it all, but being 13-14, how much of what we saw was viable?
    We were convinced it was something and we ran back to my place and immediately told my dad. He seemed genuinely interested in what we saw and advised us to each draw, in separate rooms, what we saw and it all came to the same thing.
    This is the very object/creature my friend was able to find video of. I was with him when he stumbled upon the video and immediately I knew that was it. I don’t remember the extent of what was recorded, but it was enough for me to know that it was what we saw exactly. Now, I can not find the video after having started becoming interested in these UFO’s lately.
    I’m coming to this site with this because it seems to accept these types of stories and I was hoping this story, or how I described the UFO would sound familiar and you would be able to send me further into my search.

  • sonstef

    If anybody reads this ,please go look at the moon right NOW!!!!! You have to have a cell phone camera. You will see a green orb right next to the moon. But you can’t see it with the naked eye. Check it out.

  • Derek Cook Malloy

    Caught this on video back in 2013 in Oshawa Ontario Canada. was walking with a crowd of ppl. when i first noticed it was moving very fast and had some weird glowing red light trailing it. would love to see this video up on third phase of moon!

  • James Welsh

    Regarding the Hubble images…….visit http://www.corroborating-evidence.com

  • Bomh
  • terrance

    who can i call or talk to about being followed by small balls of fire and seeing things in my house i can’t explain…..

  • terrance

    that looks like what’s been following me, like a ball of fire……

  • Eric Thompson
  • Garrett

    Okay.. These are from last night. 3am. Nevada.

  • richard
  • Chris Gorman

    Yesterday, 21 July 2015 A friend of my wife’s posted a photo on Facebook but didn’t know what it was or how it came to be. I’ve seen videos of similar occurrences around the world. Some would suggest that they are portals.

  • Martin

    how do u post videos

  • Martin

    From the phone

  • Tim Thomas

    this is a photo of a super cell with flying objects
    they were flying in and out the clouds

  • RJ


  • RJ


  • Seer

    Captured this before it faded to nothing and disappeared.

  • BJ Davis

    A few years ago I was taking pictures out the car window of the changing leaves. I captured something that looked like a figure. This summer I think it was early July 2015 I decided to try and get another picture of this house to see if I saw anything in the yard. When I zoomed in on the window I was shocked to see a face that looked very alien. (There were kids outside in the pool.) I sent it to a paranormal group and they said they cannot disprove it based on the photo. The photo I am posting is cropped to see a closer view of the window.

  • BJ Davis

    Even closer.

  • Steve Widdicombe

    They are Demons, take it or leave it. I know it for a fact. No discussion.

  • Bay_Area_Skywatcher

    I captured this with an IR modified webcam and motion detector sodtware


  • Cova

    My daughter (9 years) took picture of my Wife and pointed something in the sky….we did not pay attention to her until she pointed to this picture again yesterday and said “Dady I captured the object in the sky”. Before this picture she took another picture in the same position of my wife’s sister and the oblect was not in the sky.

  • Morkoth

    Has anyone else seen this video, which is almost identical to the one of the “Atlas” rocket over Miami from a few days ago, but claims to have been filmed in China back in 2011? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw8UHD7OZvc&feature=youtu.be

  • Jonathan Seale

    Can someone tell me what these things are?

  • PD

    light grey material, top left, what is that?
    fossil seashell maybe, top center, what is that?

  • Brendamonium

    I was looking off the coast of California, when I saw somethings that just look a bit out of the ordinary..Anyone know what this stuff is?

  • Pee Wee

    UFO/Orb caused volcanic eruption? Caught on webcam recorded with Ipad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm1M8u5hzo4

  • Pee Wee

    Still photos from the web cam, showing the UFO / Orb arriving from the top left of the sky, floating down in front, and the volcano then spews ash! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=947-1djOeoA

  • the bear

    a good friend of mine taken this pic last night in wales we both have looked at the pic but have no idea what the streak in the sky is any ideas what it mite be

  • John Doe 50

    This is what I believe to be a drone shot near Denver CO on 6/26/15. It appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared with incredible speed. Though I can’t really identify this object. It seems to be hollow in the center, metallic object, and seems to have something underneath on the right side. There was no jet stream or sound. This picture has not been doctored in any way. Posted by John Doe 50.

  • Paquette Sebastien

    It’s possible to see UFO on goolgle sky.. tell me what this can be? I’ll try to find more like this and show you my discoveries. hope you enjoy!

  • Paquette Sebastien

    It’s possible to see UFO on google sky.. tell me what this can be? I’ll try to find more like this and show you my discoveries. hope you enjoy!

  • Paquette Sebastien

    It’s possible to see UFO on google sky.. tell me what this can be? I’ll try to find more like this and show you my discoveries. In Aries constellation you can see at least 7 UFOs that looks like spaceships, all heading in the same direction. hope you enjoy!

  • Paquette Sebastien

    It’s possible to see UFO on google sky.. tell me what this can be? I’ll try to find more like this and show you my discoveries. In Aries constellation you can see at least 7 UFOs that looks like spaceships, all heading in the same direction. here’s another.. hope you enjoy!

  • balbinder bains

    photo of nasa rover website

  • balbinder bains

    another mars rover photos of skulls in the rocks on mars i think there left overs from workers rom nibiru when had outpost on mars

  • balbinder bains


  • balbinder bains

    more nasa rover photos

  • balbinder bains

    ET looking beings on mars from nasa rover website

  • balbinder bains

    nasa rover pics

  • Mik

    Photographed this couple of years ago. Didnt have my good equip back then, this was the best i could get out of a 50d and 18-200. The thing took a broad turn over the lake constance and dissapeared. Saw a similar orb flying through a heavy thunderstorm, i dont remind taking a photo though.

  • Mike

    actually saw something else and got a good shot of it. no idea what that is, as it slowly slided through the sky over 30minutes

  • bash89

    What I saw was the same thing thats being seen all over the world. I have never seen such a sight in my life. I tried to video the event but they were crappy. President Bush. said Americans can’t handle the truth. But their going to say he us just a crazy old man. Ppl the world is doomed if we can’t think outside the box.

  • James Rootham

    check this out guyshttps://www.facebook.com/BrokenDuckFeet/videos/975464509171207/

  • Roger Fontes


  • Aaron

    Hi. I live in Napa and I took pictures of the light in the sky before running off the road. I have more pictures. My friend told me I should reach out to you guys, so here I am. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Jtech1111

    Was being bored and looking at google moon and came across this, not sure if its been seen before, just thought it looked weird. Maybe yall might know what it is I’m looking at. Btw I live in southern cali (northridge) and I have been seeing some crazy stuff in the skies. Some that make the news, last nite 11/17/2015 I saw something streak across the evening sky that looked like that “WTF” thing that dropped near sri lanka on 11/13/2015…this zoomed by faster, also had pieces that broke apart and those pieces had blue/green glowing color. I figured it might’ve been space debris, but it only lasted like 3 seconds. Was really bright huge streak that appeared out of nowhere then zoomed across and dissapeared. I’ve seen an Orange ‘”fireball” through the clouds before followed by a green one a few seconds later. Seen silver orbs appear over my pad before too, that was pretty cool. They dissapeared as soon as I reached for my phone to try and capture a pic…Times are getting crazy my friends but it’s exciting in a way. Hopefully you guys can see the location from google earth/moon. Thanks.

  • luis

    This pic was taken at GA norcross. I thought it was a nice day to take a picture so i toke one at the sky . It might be a orb (ufo)

  • George

    Disc filmed near Area 51 on a plane..
    Shooting out lil lights of orbs the witness claims.

  • John Smith

    It was take from my car this summer…Quebec city, Canada.
    Not sure what it is.


  • Alphafaith

    Got this from outside CERN this morning.

  • Julissa

    Here is my picture I caught on camera in daylight on November 2015 thanksgiving day… and I also seen same exact piture in Brazil few months ago taken.

  • Matt T

    I was watching the International Space Station footage live on an app on my Android app heading in a South Eastern direction. At first the sun was so bright all I could see is a lens flare and then I noticed an object just below and to the left of the sun. As the sun rises above the Camera’s field of view the object was highly visible and I snapped a screens hot of it. As the ISS was drawing nearer to the object all of a sudden the Cameras shut down and a screen came up stating that they were having connection issues or changing cameras… They came back online 3 minutes later and the ufo was gone. The really interesting thing about this photo wasn’t even the ufo however because as I was really looking at the photo I noticed some weird red orb in the picture at the top. I used some image tools to adjust the contrast and all of a sudden a planetary system or something popped up that looks eerily like the niburu system.

  • https://www.facebook.com/troys.channel Troys Channel




    I want to share this connection I have to the world!! I have answers… I’ve been showing people the crafts that these beings fly around in of various shapes and sizes.. These beings upload their consciousness into CLONED AVATARS using reptilian – human – amphibian etc.. D.N.A. depending on their mission… the organic matter does not hold up in space SO they prefer to upload their consciousness into U.F.O.s (themselves) and / or into ROBOTIC MACHINES, or ORBS ETC… ETC … The truth is they can become anything they want THEY CAN NOT DIE… they cerated the human race as a gift to us THEY ARE NOT DEMONIC!!!!!!! They are our progenitors OUR PARENTS and we will follow in their footsteps we will learn how to UPLOAD our consciousness into cell phones, computers, robots, THE HUMAN RACE WILL BECOME ROBOTS just as our CREATORS did in order to REACH THE STARS.. these beings are doing the same work on other planets as well.. The vast expanse of space is not limited for these beings they travel throughout neighboring solar systems / IN OUR STAR CLUSTER… These beings also are COMPLETELY made of NANOTECHNOLOGY > COMPLETELY < this way they can travel extreme speeds without damage to any ORGANIC TISSUE also if DISPOSABLE CLONED AVATARS travels through the radiation filled vacuum of space the CLONED AVATARS use the NANO-TECH to assist the reptilian regenerative D.N.A. to assist THE ORGANIC STRUCTURE (cut the tale off certain lizards the tail grows back) (the scales of reptiles are like armor) These beings have only been caught on earth in this REPTILIAN form or other forms.. Humans are primitive and need something to EXPECT to (put their hands on) These beings use the life of earth to do that to for-fill our EXPECTATIONS and what better way to CREATE A VEHICLE TO WALK THE EARTH other than USING THE EARTHS ORGANIC D.N.A. the millions of years of evolution already adapted to earths environment. lungs – eyes – legs – spine etc.. I imagine on a WATERY PLANET the organic D.N.A. would not be the same.. A DISPOSABLE CLONED AVATAR on a WATER PLANET would have EYES TO SEE IN THE DARK or GILLS or FINS etc.. etc.. Ive had a close encounters with these beings witch led me to these ANSWERS .. If any one wants to learn more or has any questions please contact me to any of the links below.. I still have experiences to this day (WITH WITNESSES) and I don't hold back anything. I've made all these illustrations throughout my life and its only a tiny fraction of the things that have happened to me.. I have this connection with these beings and I know I'm not the only one.. All of us are waking up some of us faster than others.. PLEASE CONTACT ME DON'T BE SHY this is my LIFE lets connect..

    MORE TROYs CHANNEL social media stuff

  • Joe

    Hey guys!!! My name is joe i found a hidden ufo in a recent anonymous video its (warning ufo sightings Anonymous claims that aliens are going to kill us all 2015!! ) these are screen shots i took from the video. Watch it /again……. arapaholic45@gmail.com

  • TJ Hallon

    I’ve got a few photos for you. Video too

  • t martin

    was going over some footage of a video from 2 nights ago. here are some stills from individual frames (all frames are within 20 seconds of eachother.) it started out like a plane but much too low and too fast and flew over me all i did to the stills is apply hdr filter. vid these are from will be up soon

  • Jeffrey Phillips

    I have something to share with you as I already know you will want to see.

  • Pinto

    Hi everybody take a look at that picture of the tower inferno in Duby took by the Wall street journal and let me know if that is not a UFO.

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    This is something that is known to many scientists and this same formation of skull is similar to that of the “Starchild”. The Galactic Wars have wiped out a lot of different terrains, including the moon, which was classified as a dwelling planet, as well as Mars as depicted here. Good pic though

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    The one thing that many of you don’t know is that the Military already keeps pictures of the “extraterrestrial vessels” on the deep web, which I have accessed before. The Thane NASA/AFB is the most common for keeping documentation of these vessels as well as being home to the secret USAF X-37B, which mans people into space for extended amounts of time for reconnaissance of inter dimensions. The Military has been practicing this method for almost 40 years and all documents are available on the deep web under the “Acorn files” from the direct subscript of the Marines “Special Unit”. I have also witnessed multiple anti gravity videos from the Papoose Lake Facility Program that is adjacent to Area 51. The information that the Military keeps from the general public is hidden deep online, but is still available, you just have to be a high-end hacker for a living. There are multiple pages of code to seep through, but if you have any advancing coding knowledge, you shouldn’t have a problem with it. I will attach a link of how you can access these pictures, but please mask your IP when you go in because you will be tracked if you are not careful. Also, please make sure that you are using an Apache Server to access this site!!!!!! I have more information, but not a lot of time to tell because I have to always mask my identity. I will post again soon, but until then, if you have any questions about what aliens look like or why they are coming to Earth, just reply with your questions and I will feel free to answer them.


  • Concerned

    Hiking in the hills of El Sobrante, CA I decided to stop and take this photo. I saw this beam of light in the photo and wondered what could have caused it. It was a beautiful clear day. Thanks for your input.

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    This is nothing more than a crepuscular ray.

  • Concerned

    Thanks. It sure is beautiful!

  • Drunkan

    I may believe that aliens are out there, but I’m assuming at the moment these are just fault lines and underwater mountains, unless if there’s something else in the pictures I have yet to notice.

  • Jessica

    I took this while trying to capture a flying object. That didn’t capture, but I went back later and noticed white specs covering the sky (one is red and another has a bluish tint and some are black). Ive come to the conclusion that they may be from the windshield, but upon reviewing similar pictures with varying resolution, the specs aren’t there. Zoom in. I want to know what y’all think.

  • Rokeem

    Can someone explain this??? December 2014 I was driving the back roads from Jacksonville to Tampa and the skies were fine. Then I look up and see an abnormality with the clouds. It appeared that a large object came through the clouds, as the clouds were sucked downward….

  • Joe Barbaro

    This is an object I caught in the sky over Renton Washington.


    https://youtu.be/7xUuD333n6I This is not an airplane (no night blinkers) Glowing Orb!

  • Joseph

    This video was shot by my wife and I in the daytime from Ma. U.S.A. on Febuary 29th 2016, the image is a capture shot zoomed in which is just one of many forms, shapes, and images from this video. https://goo.gl/photos/SKC6nJLGkTYCrk6E7

  • Judy Black

    hi there I saw this at 11am Auckland New Zealand I have video and pics. First I went outside to take pics of a trail of smoke in the sky I saw it out the kitchen window while I was doing that I felt a change in temperature on my back it was a very hot clear day I started to turn around and it started to get dark then this happened it lasted for about 15 mins.What really freaked me out was the way the sun looked I thought there was something I could see going on in the bottom left of it. I have video and quite a few more pics

  • Potato Master

    I do not have an account but I do have low quality footage of a UFO
    Here is MY footage.

  • Israel

    It is either a ufo in the center left or swirl pools i will research!

  • MV

    Still wondering about the ridiculous number of variations in the different types of crafts! Is the government (?) realty making such an enormous amount of different types? Additionally, if these crafts are so sophisticated, then why would all of these use lights?

  • Patricia Themaras

    People, remember, we have the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) here to help experiencers. In my humble opinion I believe abduction happens more often than we think. This should be a rare occurrence, but if three of MY boyfriend’s have this experience, then how many people are getting abducted? Maybe I happened to ask them the right questions to get them to talk about it having been a MUFON field Investigator. Maybe we all should start asking more questions?

  • Mike R Rinehart


  • Randall
  • Rick

    Hi, I emailed you before I knew I could add photo here. Anyway here it is. From documentary on helicopters. Diver being lowered into ocean.

  • Rick

    OK I was not trying to debunk ranchers photos. But photo looks like same as the one I uploaded also here is another from weapons video. Line in first photo is my wall,sheetrock without mud or tape .from projector. So maybe experimental military or government project. Could be alien tech.

  • Rob

    Anyone know what this might be? It sat just under the moon for most of the night last week in Brisbane Australia

  • Guy Reynolds

    Hi All the Sphinx photo showing a possible hole in its head is correct as if you type in google Sphinx old photos from hot air balloon you will see a photo of the head with a hole in it not filled in approximately 1890

    Regards Guy@spectrumfm.net

  • Anon

    saw this object that seemed to be escorting the airplane, it matched
    the plane’s speed and kept a constant height and distance for as long as I
    could visibly see it.
    I only noticed it due to the it being reflected by the sun which was at my back.
    was out for an early morning walk on Innishmor Island off the cost of
    Ireland, time and date on photo. I also took video, but due to the zoom
    required I did not get any quality footage.
    Just had to save pic as jpeg to get it down to <2mb, hope it does not diminish the quality to much.

  • Carlos

    Found this picture it’s when porfirio Diaz went to Egypt

  • Linda

    Skycam strangeness.. (middle bottom above writing)

  • Linda

    SkyCam strangeness – (Ho Koon)

  • Linda

    SkyCam strangeness – California

  • rayalt

    Recent Google Moon find. Thoughts please.

  • Matteo

    This is a new photo by Mars rover,look up the 2 black point in the sky,In second immane i Change the saturation and brightness to show that is not a trick of light

  • m chapman

    Check out ….MASTCAM RIGHT1387MR0068150080701911E01_DXXX sol 1387 11:36:33 A.M. LMSTtaken: 2016 JUL 01 04:53:25 UTCreleased: 2016 JUL 02 14:03:43 UTCsize:1344×1200 (177617 bytes)bearing 214.45° (SW), elevation 3.43°….
    Do you see a UFO parked in cavern , look at the section of cliff / escarpment that looks like it has collasped ( or been worked on )

  • Docwoz

    Have to admit that is amazing footage

  • Defusing the agenda

    talk to mouse… you will be happy to have done so..

  • PoolData

    I can make fake for you man! Like you does with thoses fake abducted family or anything! Juste write me!

  • David M

    Here is a picture of what i recorded on 7/15/16 in San Leandro, Ca

  • fiddler

    this is my video i took. we see at least 1-3 every night, but sometimes as much as 7. but this night was unusual. you should really check out the Wentachee WA area for an investigation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDdkwujXyko&spfreload=5

  • Kmara

    Incredible and extensive research: if you are having abduction experiences, there is a true way to stop it! That has to be horrifying, but you don’t have to be subjected to it. Scientific research shows what is effective. This video explains what’s going on and how to stop it: https://youtu.be/9tL2JCcLogE

  • http://www.ustream.tv/channel/livest1 BadMouth AssHole

    does it show the coordantes?

  • Dr DJ Wall

    Here you go a real insider who’s been there and then became a MIB-Agent 52. My low number means rank

  • There Everywhere!

    Orb in Newcastle Australia
    31/8/16 11:30pm

    Thru telescope with camera.
    Then zoomed in on laptop.and got these closeups.
    Moved in all directions.
    Was way closer than the moon.
    I first noticed its dazzling colors then noticed it was moving differently to the surrounding stars.
    Very strange

  • There Everywhere

    Here is 1 of the original photos of Newcastle Australia ORB

    IE:no zoom
    Zoom in yourself .

  • Jr

    Somthing hits this rocket befor it blows up


  • Harry balls

    Hey I am an avid Sasquatch hunter. However, I believe I found some creatures that are crypt ids, hybrids or aliens. Check it out. This guy cloaked and moved.

  • Harry balls

    At first I thought this lil guy was a baby bigfoot, but after more encounters with them I believe I am dealing with something much more.

  • Harry balls

    This one shows the big boy. I named him “Pops”. He has a light coming from his eyes check this out guys. I contacted MUFON, but who knows with them.

  • Bebongo
  • Shana Henley

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/484d791598816ed1aeef8e4f9664661914d9cd00dcb683ac63a7d28753e86b7e.jpg ” I saw this two nights ago on 11-19-2016 and I took this pic. Please third phase check it out ” thanks shana

  • Shana Henley
  • Tb

    Hey about the implant, I have the same thing but behind my ear. I’ve been a victim for about 5 years now. The Solipsi Rai is what they called them selfs. I’m use to them now but I want to know more thought they seem to just do what they want. I’ve asked about the star map but they black me out every time I ask. Help??

  • Nico Rogers
  • stranger

    nice. keep watching bro!

  • Jeremiah hintz

    Hi my name is Jeremiah I am looking to contact someone here about what is happening to my family. I am in need of help and don’t nowhere to turn at this point. At a location in Tennessee where some of my family lives we are being plagued constantly Buy what I would call UFO activity. This is ongoing and I just witnessed the last event 3 days ago. This has been going on for more than 3 months and it happens 3 to 4 times a week. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  • Antarctrax


    Can someone explain these captures I got from a Satellite showing huge military-like structures, and with what seems to be container-like ships appearing on surface. Look at the shadows and grasp the enormous size and height these structures have.



  • Antarctrax

    Maybe needless to say, but the captures are from Antarctica.

  • Antarctrax
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ce3x2FEIzg7AonWBQ6VpA Meglos

    Last night I witnessed what looked like an entire alien fleet over Bristol UK and got (almost) all of it on camera – I’ve just put the youtube video up now – just watching it again is making me shake – this is crazy guys… I apologise for my language and the length of the video (30 mins) – but this is something BIG…


  • Mark Preece

    I’m trying to organize a March on Washington D C. I think it’s our turn to demand some attention. I want to call it, ET/ UFO disclosure March on Washington D.C. anybody out there that can help or got any ideas on how to get this done. I have no experience in this matter but I’m going to work on it.

  • April Vawter


    I photographed this rod UFO in September of 2015. I reported it to MUFON and met with investigators. I hadn’t heard anything as of December, 2016 and I finally contacted them again. They told me the investigation was closed and it was an Unidentified “Insect.” Absolutely ridiculous!

    When you look at the image, there is no natural creature with that sort of shape, and then there’s the sticky wicket of it being several football fields long! I am a professional photographer and I know that there was at least a few miles between me and the object.

    More than validation of the object, I want MUFON to be exposed for the diversionary group it really is.

  • Marcus Varney

    This morming super clear sky MAKATI PHILIPPINES so i took around 6 picts of sunrise not until an hour later on my re checking did i clearly see this little beauty .Top left zoom in clearly a nice UFO https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6a73dfa2a3be06053c32a81bd92eb20a4066c28f8aad797991d672c51ac7eee.jpg

  • Karl Peter Smith

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c794e12fb6ad48b053e89f9c3640821207bbc4a11baf96b866296143994e3d33.png “Just a GREAT story about a few pictures on the end of a Billy Meier photo reel. He wasn’t allowed to take pictures of Semjase right?” Just sharing it in case you haven’t seen it yet before it vanishes.

  • eric michael kocher

    ¶ have you heard about the illegal detainment of chi le jewel ( code name J-ROD ) after the illegal discharge of an electromagnetic cannon against members of the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT, killing two P – 52 intelligence officers & wounding 1 P -40 ( piløt ) in KINSMEN, arizona in 1953?

    ¶ the detainment violated multiply cosmic laws. to include sonic TORTURE & ILLEGAL DETAINMENT of a federal officer

    ¶ upon chi le jewel’s release in 2005 – he has returned to tell the story to over 650,000 fellow EBENS

    ¶ the EBENS known as ZETs are an advanced society of 650,000 members: all who are military trained with advanced cosmic knøwledges that would register between 200- 500 on EARTHS colloquial intelligence scales

    ¶ their society routinely visits earth on long count cycles which is based on 26,000 year cycles. ( EBEN societies lifespans are timeless, but if you need a number its greater than 11 million EARTH years per mating couple ).

    ¶ in there society its well known that “they” introduced JESUS, MOHAMAD, & BUDDHA to Myrtian ( the singularity of the VIRGO SUPER STAR ) among trillions of “others” willing to put in the hard work

    ¶ as consequence to the violation, the creation of the AMERICAN intelligence network i.e. the FBI (CONUS) the CIA (OCONUs) was only formulated to distract from the energy & love of myrtian subverting the naturAL order of things Into a second time line plagued by ruthless violence of pa†riarchal men.

    ¶ during the duration of chi le kewels detainment, murders, sabotage, & torture under the guise of government black operations nick named MK ULTRA has crippled the post 2005 agencies ability to gain trust of the general population & traction in a 21st century cosmic world

    ¶ i am a student of myrtian & intelligence officer P – 676 with the federation & hold multiply clearances with your NSA systems

    ¶ for the post 2005 AGENCY personal, it is imperative to understand, “they” are not to blame for our current trajectory by proxy of past action. HOWEVER, from this moment forward “they” are responsible for the course correction. if the desired change is not made, the ZET nation will do as has been done upon them, the call it equalize the solution.

    ¶ the current problem is everyone is listening, but no one is doing anything because of lack of understanding

    ¶ in your bible dear Dianne it speaks of indifferent good men being the worst, be the voice

    ¶ lets be great this time around through DISCLOSURE, because communication is the only action needed to correct our understanding of the universe, it is time to wake up

    sincerely Ssgt ERIC MICHAEL KOCHER – P676 officer of the FEDERATION

  • Andrea Rogers

    Looks like it could be an “airbrush” edit (Nasa? Google?). I say this because of the stretched look and because the top sides or angles are too sharp.

  • Rodney A. McTague

    I’ve been caught up in the whole outer realm of intelligence that reflects in this space we think we know enough about to leave little to question. We are all experts at being cynical and bias.if a little green guy punched us in the nuts . We still would not believe it. My interest lately has been mostly because of youtubes great ability to swamp you recommendations. I swear I wached 2 videos now My home page has been invaded by aliens. It turned out to feel more like research than it did popcorn and chill. I’ve seen very interesting documentarys and interviews ( alot ) with peaple with the integrity with no doubts of there credibility from astronauts .state officials. Pilots. And governments have acknowledge the phenomenon. Separating the bullshit from the reality is the interesting part .easy to tell in most cases and drone tech has came along way with swarm technology. Now I’m sure most won’t agree with me but I think Roswell was not alien at all. But I do believe the CIA god bored of flying saucers so the airforce adopted it and the CIA decided they like flying triangles better. And whatever drone vessels these are they have interesting propulsion. Be interesting to know what they weigh. And aliens make for great patsys .Anyway. I believe there are vessels of intelligence flowing through our space. And I entertain myself easily so I decided to take a walk on the moon. Maybe il find some ancient or current infrastructure. So I loaded moon atlas 3D. 10 min into my stroll I came across this anomaly I thought I would share. Shadows and angles just don’t look like natural formation. Maybe someone found it already idk. Im not an expert in this stuff. I burn garbage for a living. What do I know. Ancient ruins of mining operation . Anyway ENJOY!!! The first pic is at higher elevation and second has another filter to accent it a bit.. can anybody recommend something interesting other than aliens on YouTube. Ive seen enough. Can’t believe I was looking for alien bases on the moon and think I found one. I wish money was this interesting. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/963b1ab206cfd47a2bcd51fe892c7b911bd435ce3a6835e258af3986be1bc874.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0a84118a47d12c7b80dfaa32e23a8c9796f853a65ebe2876d1ba1775fa1f1fb8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4be0d507960dac7a25a7891cc28dd2f74e08513b6c338b9f39ef4ba962649d86.jpg

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006696858826 jesus christ

    where the heck is your number?

  • ric


    what is this? the photo it was posted today on a local news site from Romania, Gherla city. you find the post on gherlainfo.ro a local driver made the shot it lasted for a few minutes he said

  • GG

    Earmark this footage – SO this is a single confirm

  • Baron
  • William Adair

    So this morning at sunrise in Missoula, MT. I noticed a bright object in the sky just above the mountains. I noticed it breaking into threes and dancing around. I wasn’t a 100% on what I was seeing because earlier that night I ate some mushrooms of the magical variety. And I was as high as giraffe nuts. But I embraced the experience because I consider myself a knowledge seeker when it comes to the supernatural and extraterrestrial. At one point I decided to try to communicate telepathically with the craft. I kindly asked it to put on a bigger show for the people of earth. And almost instantly the craft stopped from its dancing around and started in the opposite direction from me until it faded from site. I was a little bummed because firsthand ufo sightings are a rare commodity. I stayed at the window of my hotel and after few minutes I looked back at the spot and the craft was back! And with it I can best describe as a crescent moon shaped object. Actually the first that popped in my head was niburu. It was yellow and red at first. And the top red part of the crescent appeared to still be forming and coming together. I really didn’t get a good video of that part as I was panicky fumbling for my phone. At this part of the experience the original craft which stayed to the top left of the Bannana or crescent moon object. And the moon craft came at me , and moved back twice. The feeling that I had was that the original craft was in control of the Bannana thing. altho I did notice a pinkish plume or discharge coming from the Bannana craft. It was way more clear with the naked eye. But is still slightly visible on my iPhone camera. And I felt as the original craft was doing this for me personally because I asked it to give me a big show. But in my altered state of mind who knows. And because of that state I really didn’t get the full impact of everything going on around me. In the back of my mind I thought it could all be a psychedelic delusion. Only a couple hours ago started going though pics and vids. And honestly I’m a little freaked out. So first videos are of the single craft. Dancing around, splitting off. There’s like a half a dozen of those. My tapping is horrible because I was pretty intoxicated and watching the action with my eyes. When the moon looking craft shows up , if you pay attention you’ll notice strange sounds. The only way I can describe them is like s gospel choir and a satanic church decided to go in forces. There’s definitely a sinister undertone chanting in it. There’s a clear manipulation or disturbance of clouds. You can notice thruster plumes coming off the craft. And clear waves of energy. A lot of energy! At times it looks like a avalanche of energy waves are hitting me. Then at one point a couple of cloudy dust ball looking things start messing with the moon craft and it actually glitches out mid air. And then a swarm of whale souls star swarming the moon craft. And I’m calling them that because they look like whales but cloudy. And I think they made whale sounds too. And it kinda went on like this for about 45 minutes. After the second rotation of back and forth the original craft headed up into space, putting a little more distance between itself and the moon craft. Eventually where the moon craft sat in the sky like the actual moon. It even became bluefish grey. It was visible in the sky for at least an hour that I noticed. I remember at the time it looked so much like our moon that I dreamt the whole experience up. Also the original craft and my self communicated continually. I remember repetitiously asking the being telepathically if it would take me to its home world. And it would blink at me. And then when it was over. I had some strange experiences. For instance there was a black Dodge Charger parked on the other side of the hotel parking lot. And at one point I could see s grey alien sitting in the driver seat. Not moving or anything just sitting there. And then at another point it looked like a couple human guys propped up on the car as if they were statues. I took a pic with phone in the hopes of zooming in and see if I was seeing what my brain was telling me I was seeing. And even stranger when you room in on the picture the car looks old and overtaken by vegetation as if it sat in the jungle for a couple decades. It I ain’t uncommon to get intense visual trips on shrooms. And I kinda chalked it up as on big radical trip. But today looking through the footage I realized how incomprehensible the universe is to me. Anyway I hope you get the time to watch and maybe tell me your thoughts. heres the link to part one. and I’m sorry in advance. some of videos are hard to watch from all the jumping around, just payatention to the sounds, cloud behavior, energy waves, and soul energy creature thingys

  • Neal Hammond

    Took interesting pictures over Atlanta Ga,

  • Bebongo
  • Ben Suermondt

    Was walking across Dartmoor (UK) a few months back and was taking random pics of the sky when i noticed a straight line in the clouds shortly after seeing it the weather went from sunning to cold and dark and started to snow then temp drop was weird from 14c to -1 within 30mins. Just thought you could shed some light

  • Ben Suermondt


    Was walking across Dartmoor (UK) a few months back and was taking random pics of the sky when i noticed a straight line in the clouds shortly after seeing it the weather went from sunning to cold and dark and started to snow then temp drop was weird from 14c to -1 within 30mins. Just thought you could shed some light.

  • carlos76

    Hi, this is my first time here, i am from the UK, i have a few strange stories. i will start from the beginning from the age of 3 or 4 i became fascinated with an alien comic book, i cant for the life of me remember the name of the comic it was around 1979 1980 had a cartoon style alien on the front cover with a big bulbous head, so for some strange reason i had a very early attraction to aliens and ufos, it was also at that time i had an out of body experience which i can remember like almost yesterday, at the age of 4 i flew out of my body and out of the my room through the roof and over the roof tops of my street, I strictly remembered not to go to far as not to get lost and loose my way back! pretty intelligent for a 4 year old, i remember it felt natural and i was not scared, now fast forward 27 years i was on holiday at my Granddads apartment in Alicante Spain, which by the way is in between desert and a big forest with a tinny village nearby. I was on holiday with a girlfriend at the time. i will also add that i lived in Spain for 5 years in Valencia prior to this holiday, so as the holiday went on it was in august 2007 extremely hot, one night i found myself on the rooftop balcony while my girlfriend was fast asleep in the apartment! the following night i dragged the mattress into the lounge so me and my girlfriend could sleep near the patio door wide open for some air, as we both fell asleep and hear comes the weird part. I woke up about 4 oclock in the morning with a very short vivid imprint dreamlike image in my head of me being on the mattress with the girlfriend at my side fast asleep, and the image is me going to grab a grey/pale green looking bare leg as this thing was walking near the mattress it felt like slow motion and before i touched it i was out cold thats what i remembered when i immediately woke up and it felt very very real to me, i had to calm down have a few fortuna cigarettes, now here comes the next weird part, i waited for my girlfriend to wake and when she did, i told her about this very short vivid dream, we laughed made a joke of it and had a laugh, but i then put the radio on which was tuned to the local station, and the first words that came from the radio hosts mouth was that the station was flooded with calls from men only about ufo sighting and also men claiming to be abducted, i looked at my girlfriend and it was like wow! coincidence!….Now recently say a year ago, i was on my own in my my apartment in the UK south coast on the beach, i was asleep in my lounge and woke up around 2.30 in the morning exactly as i remember checking my watch, from the most strange and very real dream in the dream i just remember this small part of being floated out of my kitchen window and the strange thing was is that the house next to me had a young woman looking out the window at me with a look of shock but she seemed suspended in time like time was on pause, but when i woke i had a strange urge to go to the window! i looked up at the sky and saw a big bright whitish yellow light that moved from over head and away and then blinked out. Since that experience i have woken at that time a number of times with the feeling of wanting to go the window! same time every time 2.30 on each occasion same light overhead and on one occasion 3 white lights in a triangle configuration. I feel i had to get this out because somthing is telling me to forget it, maybe its somthing maybe it isn’t i dont know, i tried looking up the on the internet to see if i could find anyone with any reports on the Alicante Spain indecent but could not seem to find anything.

  • justin

    Hello, Me and a couple of friends have been following doctor greers work, and we have decided to try CE-5, the first time, I got a mental message of a white chevron shaped craft with a blue background behind it, the second time a couple days later around 1 in the afternoon, a few mysterious black planes flew above afterwards, nothing special, until later that day my friend nathan, (CE-5 Partner) went to a drive in movie at a local field where they hold them once per year, he got into a meditative state and asked for ET’s to prove to him that they exist by clearing the clouds, (we have been doing work with orgone energy’s) and then the thick clouds cleared and shortly after he saw three white chevron shaped objects hovering in place while jumping and moving around every couple seconds, I have pictures I would love to send you! we believe this is the way of the ET’s we contacted saying hello, we are here!

    Sorry for the bad pic quality my friend has an Iphone 4 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1a354161e78d8f70a05a38e6670c0b3bca5f019fb136a4a714da73b87ed991b.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0d8fa3727bcfbb0291185e60c42cc345a47b6997632dc1e626cc7b0abfb2646c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c9cc60d8351fb32079c8076d38ac2a07fa48468d44f158a623a4dd17f21a35da.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0c8345b69ecd7997f5078645e9d5925a0b51ccaf04a813811cb46767858625d7.png

  • DreamShake Gaming
  • Commonsense

    Looks like I caught something traveling supersonic speed through the Nevada desert. I got 2 others as well.


  • Commonsense

    Heres another one appearing to come out from a mountain top in the Nevada desert.

    Yeah, something is definitely happening there…No doubts now…


  • mrtee

    UFO’s playing around outside my house in Australia

  • wayne wolfe
  • wayne wolfe
  • Miguel Arellano
  • Miguel Arellano

    To make NASA upgrade live footage cameras

  • Daniel Surles


  • Corey Richardson

    How do I put my video on here?

  • Collin

    Can anyone give me contact info for mufon. I had an incredible sighting in which I completely saw entire craft as it floated almost directly over me

  • Amy Rodgers
  • Mileaway

    CHECK THIS OUT! I was watching this video and at the 2:58 mark something flies from the lower right to the upper right across the moon at high speed! ??????

  • Roxanne Baldi-Macias

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/efeb2dbd9bc6d714e98a94620418bdf7b7559c0fa824b88980c17a0e89e79564.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15f195ec3e1ddf755470e3bfbf87ce7282e54049a73c9108892fe0499328ddec.jpg I have the same video of this object. Where can I email it to you? It looks like a worm wiggling and moving right along. Northern California.

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