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  • bobbynorton

    I have proof but know will let me send my pics to you .you can call me at 509-607 0583. My name is bobby norton. I have a pic of what inside a orb. Took infeb. 2012 . I have about 2000 pics of UFOs.

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  • Vindora M Skelton

    I do believe it is the Government doing this.In a book called area 51 my
    husband read,it stated the Russians were experimenting with human DNA
    and possibly DNA from a grey ? and came up with these Aliens that
    crashed landed in Roswell.Now going back to the 60’s when Betty was
    taken.I thought she mentioned seeing men in uniform.possibly hybrids and humans working together? I believe
    the Government has been putting the implants in.Government and Aliens
    been working together for years.Most of the graft flying all over the
    world today I believe is owned by different Governments.My sister
    witnessed one 4 years ago while laying on the trampoline at night
    watching the stars.And what she described was a huge craft flying by
    slowly.She explains if she had a rock in her hand she could have
    actually hit it.she was petrified. I told her it was probably US
    Government.here recently she and her husband witnessed another sighting about 6 months ago.different kind of craft.There
    have been so many sighting here lately in Texas..I think they are
    letting us see them on purpose to start the scare tactics for the next
    false flag .

  • moonlighting

    Not government crafts. We have the concept but can’t master the technology. Our species is dangerous to the galaxy. They won’t allow us yet. Hell, we haven’t left earth yet and look how much damage we caused. They are here for the big showdown. As good vs evil face their last challenge. Sides are being chosen what side are you on ?

    Ephesians 6.12

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  • billy martinez

    I’ve hat ET craft visit me numerous times. Here’s a pic of one.

  • billy martinez

    ET craft about 7′ in front of me.

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  • AloysiusMcFudd

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  • Bonnie Bell

    The little girl who cried wolf and when the real deal happens who will believe?

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