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WHAT THE HELL!! 60 Ton Whale Teleports To Oklahoma? Police Shocking Report 1/24/2017

Sowden WARNING! How Deep Does The ALIEN Conspiracy Go? "Tall White Greys Agenda" 1/23/17

He's Back! Reptilian Shapeshifter Secret Service Agent Spotted At Trump Inauguration? 1/21/17

CRAZY AS HELL!! Teleportation Caught On Dash-Cam!! Creepy Insect UFO! Watch This! 1/20/17

SCARY Hidden Underground Base Exposed? Astonishing UFO Interdimensional Portals Over FLORIDA?1/18/17

HOT PURSUIT! Three Black Hawk Helicopters [CHASE UFO] Caught On Video! 1/7/17

Mega Alien Structure Creates 6200 Mile Long Wave On Venus! 1/16/17

"Media Black Out" U.S. Military [LOCK DOWN] AFRICA UFO CRASH? 1/14/17

ALERT! Something HUGE Just Crashed In Africa! MILITARY DENIES ALIEN COVERUP 1/12/17

They're Coming!! Swarm of UFOs Atlantic City "A.I. Drone Wars" What Is Happening? 1/12/17

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